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With its boundless service approach towards photography in North Cyprus, Studio Alem excelled in Wedding photography as well as in Child, Pregnancy and Birth photography. With its professional and different perspectives, extraordinary poses, each and every customer in Studyo Alem leaves happy and glowing.
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At Studyo Alem Photography, we would like to take our time and give our clients the best service and support. Our belief is to capture your dream north Cyprus Wedding Photographs.

Here’s some common questions that we receive a lot, regarding North Cyprus Wedding Photography Service. Please scroll your mouse on any questions below to reveal the answers.

However if you cant find what you are looking for click to send us an email.



The Booking Process


Can we meet up and Chat?

For a wedding, of course! Studyo Alem Photography would love to meet up with wedding couple at any place near to them before the actual wedding day. We would also love to go through every detail with them have a cup of coffee, make them feel much more comfortable and take the whole stress out of our wedding couple.

Please drop us an email or a line and we’ll arrange a meeting and bring some samples of our work.


I’ve just booked you for our wedding, what’s next?

Once your contract has been signed and deposit received, your North Cyprus Wedding is officially booked with Studyo Alem Photography :)

We use nifty online booking system that we’ll have all your info including contract and special requests. We will send you a digital questionnaire to fill out and then we’ll talk about when you’d like to schedule your wedding session. In the meantime we’ll brainstorm with you about what your wedding story will be about, and start talking details about your big day!


Editing & Post-Processing


How many images will we receive from our North Cyprus Wedding ?

Its simply subject to the which wedding package we are working on. Working hours are directly effecting the numbers of images. We typically deliver between 300 and 500 final digital images on a smallest North Cyprus Wedding Photography Packages. We shoot many more images, of course! We pay close attention to detail in order to select the very best images that tell the complete story of your day. All of the photos are fully edited and… billboard worthy!


Can I get all my RAW images, that you didn’t edit?

Unfortunately no.

We only release the edited, final photographs, the same way that a musician doesn’t put the tracks that didn’t make the cut on their CD!


 How do you ‘finish’ my photos?

 At Studyo Alem Photography in North Cyprus, we are use our artistic intuition to choose which photos look best finished in certain style’s This means your final gallery of photos will have the best images..


How long, after the North Cyprus Wedding, until we receive our images?

Studyo Alem North Cyprus Photography working too hard to improve the quality of images. We believe your images are of lasting value and strive to ensure your images are perfect. With that in mind, we realize you will be eager to relive your wedding experience. We always deliver your images within 3-4 weeks of your North Cyprus Wedding day.


Do you offer North Cyprus Wedding Photo Albums?

Absolutely. We consider it a privilege to create, from scratch, an album design that reflects the beauty and meaning of your North Cyprus Wedding day. Our archive quality, handmade wedding photo albums are made from the highest quality materials. From European leather and supple lamb or calf hide, to premium faux leathers, you have the ability to create an album that will look great for decades to come. We offer the ability to choose the images you would like to include, suggest design revisions, and approve your final design. Our North Cyprus Wedding Photography album fees are simple, completely transparent, and our clients love our straight-forward approach. We have included Wedding Photo Albums in to our North Cyprus Photography Packages.


How do we get to see our final images?

We post all your edited images in a private and password  protected online gallery. From there you can view, share, order, download your images at high resolution. You can share your gallery link with anyone and they will be able to have the same access as yours. Full copy right will be yours, you can print or share photos however you.


Payment Options


Can we save tax if we pay cash?

No Sorry !

At Studyo Alem Photography in North Cyprus, we like to stay on the very good side of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Tax Office. So, we are reputable charge the proper taxes on all transactions. VAT is applied to all our transactions.


How can I pay you?

We accept cash, money transfer and credit cards.


What happens to our deposit if we cancel or change our wedding date?

Unfortunately, all deposits are non-refundable, as noted in your North Cyprus Wedding contract. However, we do honor your deposit if you are changing your date ( depending on our availability )


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