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With its boundless service approach towards photography in North Cyprus, Studio Alem excelled in Wedding photography as well as in Child, Pregnancy and Birth photography. With its professional and different perspectives, extraordinary poses, each and every customer in Studyo Alem leaves happy and glowing.
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Address: Mehmet Akif Avenue 63, Dereboyu / Lefkosa, North Cyprus Telephone.: +90 (392) 229 03 62

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Videography Services & Packages

Welcome to Studyo Alem’s Wedding Videography Service…

One of our favorite parts of the wedding experience is the wedding video that follows, as they often capture the wedding in a way that is nearly tangible. We’re not talking about your average, run of the mill wedding videos. We’re talking about wedding cinema that is stunning in its depth, captivating in its authenticity, timeless in its composure.

Wedding cinema that gives you a front row seat to the most gorgeous weddings you’ve ever seen, that makes you feel like you are one of the invited guests. So together, We’ll film your most amazing day during in your every step.

Please contact us to make your early reservation…

All our wedding videography packages includes;

  • Video Footage Recorded in 1080p HD quality with Dolby digital AC3 Sound using Lapelle Microphones
  • Location includes, any place any event.
  • Professional editing and Raw Footage Supplied on HDR DVD disc
  • Raw Footage Back Up direct to the client..



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